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MAY 2-11, 2024

About the Delegation

Join us on a journey to meet the diverse people of Cuba and learn about their history, successes, and challenges around the issues of race, gender, and environmentalism. How have concepts of race and identity evolved from the times when a million enslaved persons were forcibly brought to the island, through abolition, independence, and revolution, to ongoing attempts to end racism under socialism? What is the impact of the Family Code passed by referendum in 2022, in providing greater rights for women, same-sex couples, LGBTQ+ people, children, and elders? How does this island nation respond to climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss? How can we act in solidarity with Cubans suffering under the decades-long U.S. trade blockade?

Delegates will:

  • learn from expert popular educators about their models, workshops, and trainings

  • visit a homeopathic pharmacy / create and apply herbal remedies

  • exchange with an energy healer and medical practitioner

  • learn about long-term adaptation and resiliency plans

  • hear from a leading Cuban economist about social spending during crises and social programs

  • study realities of US intervention in Cuba and the Caribbean at a historical memory museum

  • tour urban and rural agro-ecological cooperative projects and learn how they work

  • exchange with youth permaculture organizers and promoters

  • interface with Afro-Cuban popular educators and share cultural work and strategies

  • delve into an eco-community focused on reforestation, vegetarianism and natural products

Delegation Fee: $2400 
The delegation fee covers all in-country expenses (lodging, travel, meals, interpretation, etc.) along with pre-travel resources, reading lists, and support. The delegation fee also covers our international team’s expenses for delegation preparation and coordination. Any amount paid over the delegation fee will go to support delegation scholarship and sliding scales, helping to ensure the delegations are more accessible to everyone. A delegation payment of $2400 or more is ideal to cover all of your expenses and the broader delegation needs-- please pay this amount if you have institutional support or other financial resources.


Sliding Scale: $1800-$2400, sliding scale requests can be made in the application

Delegation Dates: May 2nd - May 11th, 2024

Deposit: $300 - Due February 16th, 2024, remaining payment due on April 10th.

Refund policy: read our full refund policy here

February 16th, 2024

Your Ground Costs for a Solidarity Collective Delegation include almost everything in the 10 day journey

Payment Information




MAIL CHECK (Save us $ on processing fee):

Witness for Peace

5123 W 98 St. #1129
Minneapolis, MN 55437


*Please note the name of the delegation on the check

For More Information

For more details email:

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Costs and Funding

  • Pre-departure orientation

  • Ground transportation

  • Comfortable hotel and community homestay accommodations

  • Three daily meals and snacks

  • Popular education workshops

  • Spanish-English interpretation

  • Honoraria for local organizations and presenters

  • Experienced U.S.-based activists to accompany the delegation as Delegation Coordinators

Ground Costs do not cover:

  • International airfare 

  • Souvenirs and gifts 

  • Extra tips - we give a group tip to our guide and driver at the end of the journey


2024 Ground Costs: $2,400

We provide support and resources for your fundraising.



Carol Wallace teaches Spanish at the University of Minnesota Duluth. She became actively involved in Witness for Peace Solidarity Collective when she went on a delegation to Honduras in 2017. Since then, she has served on the board of Witness for Peace Midwest and coordinated delegations to Oaxaca, Mexico in 2019 and Cuba in May 2023. She finds traveling with WFPSC inspiring both personally and professionally  because of the opportunities to meet a wide variety of people, hear their stories, and talk about how we can work in solidarity to make our world a better place.

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