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Witness for Peace Midwest is a politically independent network of individuals, organizations, and faith groups concerned about the impacts of U.S. and corporate policy on the people of the Americas. Motivated by current and historical realities, we are committed to transforming the world through nonviolent and organized activism. As a grassroots movement, WFP Midwest seeks to raise awareness of and give testimony to violations of human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean and to advocate for change in U.S. economic and social policies to better support these basic rights.

Map of the US with midwest states highlighted: North and South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri


AriSiryh Ahand

Kalice Allen

Norma Atuesta

Moira Birss

Steve Clemens

Daniel Cronn-Mills

James Dimock

Mickey Foley

Janice Gallager

Ken Gilchrist

Robert Gilman
Maria Mendez Guiterrez

Thom & Diane Haines

Walt Handschin

Larry Hilliard

Mónica Hurtado

Melissa Hysing

Kathryn Johnson

Connor Klausing

Meg Krausch

Leanne Kunze

Sylvia Lutemer

Debi Neibuhr

Eric Nelson

David Pegg

John Pegg

Lyn Clark Pegg

Sean & Sarah Kelley-Pegg

John Perry

Kera Peterson

Paul Reik

Judy Roberts

Carol Wallace

Mark Weber

Thank you to all who support the region!
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